Most people would call these two specimens horses. My wife and I however call them "Pasture Pets" since they haven't seen a saddle in at least 4 years. 
Equine services are special to me as I absolutely love being around horses...even if I haven't had time to ride my own in over 4 years. So much for having more personal time when you're self employed 😒. Maybe this year 😃

Special attention must be paid to the horses when working around them with heavy equipment. Some horses are familiar and comfortable with moving equipment but many are not. Most equine work is done at boarding and training facilities where the horses can come and go regularly. Therefore I try to analyse the horses before I begin operating equipment around them.

The primary services provided at an equine facility are;

1. Scrape up and move manure.

2. Replace displaced soil, sand or gravel.

3. Build up (grade) paddocks for improved drainage.

4. Construct "french drains" for improved drainage

5. Provide consultation and assistance in design of barn and paddocks

6. Assist with customer specific requirements
Services required at a new facility for the first time are typically billed hourly until I become familiar with the facility and it's regular needs. After that we can establish a set price. Time required to complete the job varies greatly from one facility to the next based primarily on the number of horses boarded and design & layout of each facility. Most paddocks coming off of each stall is fairly narrow which requires slow steady work to remove the manure. Another factor that consumes a large amount of time is the location and distance to the location where the manure must be relocated to. Several clients will schedule a day to advertise the available manure to the public allowing me to load their trucks and trailers while I'm on location. The manure is loaded at no cost to the public as it sometimes speeds up the job and I'm already on site.
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Colossians 3:23 Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.
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