Site Clean-up, like most other jobs vary greatly from job to job in the scope of work to be done and the time required to complete. Some are very simple and can be completed in a matter of hours. Others however can take several days. On many large jobs requiring additional manpower I elicit the assistance of my wife and her business, OCD Complete Home and Garden services.

I am extremely particular when recruiting the help of others. I expect all work, regardless of type to be as near to perfection as possible. I'm also very cautious of who I bring onto a clients property so I must know and trust those persons. Therefor it's a no-brainer to call upon my wife.

When evaluating jobs of this sort we attempt to come up with a plan that will facilitate the shortest amount of time to complete the job. Therefore we look at two options for relocating the debris. The typical method is to haul the debris to the local landfill. This however includes the additional cost from the landfill which is billed by the tonnage or yardage and the end cost is never known until the job is completed. The second option, if the debris is natural materials such as trees, brush, grass clippings, leaves, etc. is to bury it on sight if the property is suited for burial. No man-made materials are ever disposed of in this manner. It is our goal to complete every job in a manner that is "better than expected" while keeping the cost to a minimum for every client.
The images posted here are of a property that sat vacant for more than 6 years. The client purchased the property site unseen as he and his family were missionaries oversees. 

We maintained constant contact with the client throughout the entire process, emailing pictures of the property and clean-up process before, during and after the job. Other tasks of this job were to remove hazard trees, field and lawn mowing and, remove, trim and thin shrubbery.

More mages of this job can be seen in the Gallery.
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